So why use The Word Factory?

Apart from the fact that we ooze charm and not BS, here are a few reasons why The Word Factory could fit in with your business plans…

Who you are: Whether you are a business or an agency, we have many years’ experience delivering top quality writing and PR services to direct clients and agencies. You’d be hard-pushed to find many outfits that can do both with satisfied customers in either camp.

Supporting your sales team: Sure, building brand awareness is nice but the main reason for any publicity campaign is to boost sales. Getting your message out to customers and prospects through the media is bread and butter to The Word Factory.

Versatility-1: You might want just writing services, you might want PR and full account management, or a bespoke selection of add-ons. The choice is yours.

Versatility-2: You might want regular press releases, you might want occasional feature articles, or need a website updated daily. The choice, again…

Value for money: You want to promote your business but don’t have a huge budget. You can’t afford massive advertising campaigns or big PR agencies.

Flexibility and control: You don’t want to tie yourself up with a retainer (or, if you are an agency, salaried staff) and prefer to operate project by project, turning a service on and off as and when you need it.

Quality, reliability and peace of mind: The truth is in over 21 years we’ve never had a single customer complaint.

So if any of the above points chime with your organisation, let’s talk.

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