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So why use The Word Factory?

There are many reasons why The Word Factory’s technical writing and PR skills could dovetail perfectly with your business plans…

Who you are: We have many years of experience delivering premium quality technical writing and PR support services to direct clients and agencies across the globe. You would be hard-pushed to find many outfits that can do both with satisfied customers in either camp. That really is quite a skill.

Supporting your sales team: Building brand awareness is vital but the bottom line for any publicity campaign has to be to increase sales. Getting your message out to your customers and prospects through the media (print or social) is bread and butter to The Word Factory.

Versatility 1: You might want just technical writing services, you might want just PR or account management, you might need a unique combination of them all. The choice is yours.

Versatility 2: You might want regular press releases, occasional feature articles, or need twice-daily posts on your social media sites. The choice, again…

Value for money: Even though you want to promote your business you might have a limited budget and can’t afford huge advertising campaigns or big PR agencies. Worry not…

Flexibility and control: You don’t want to tie yourself up with a retainer (or, if you are an agency, salaried staff) and prefer to operate on a project-by-project basis, turning a service on and off as and when you need it. We work this way all the time.

Quality, reliability and peace of mind: The truth is in more than 28 years we’ve never had a single customer complaint and over 95% of our technical writing work doesn’t get amended. Seriously. Think of the time, effort and cost that this would save you.

Let’s talk.