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They’re their there… 

Businesses are being encouraged by all sorts of people to do their own PR, blogging and copywriting. “That’s what the internet is all about, get out there and do it yourself.”

That’s great and we applaud the idea. However, experience has shown that even chief executives on six-figure salaries can struggle with their grammar and highly successful sales staff can let themselves down by telling clients “Your our best customer”.

Whatever government or education system you blame, the truth is that good quality writing was not top of the agenda for many years in schools and colleges (only now is it making some kind of comeback). So it’s nobody’s fault.

But if you think ‘definate’ or ‘seperate’ are correct, if you struggle with they’re, their or there, if you write ‘I would of’ or ‘your welcome’, or if you think the plurals video’s, DVD’s and CD’s are okay, then just a few hours with us will put you write – sorry, right.

It really does make a difference to the success of your business if you keep making the same old mistakes. Sure, some customers don’t notice but there are many more who do and – even though they may not say this to your face – poor spelling and grammar undermine their confidence in you as a professional organisation committed to delivering a quality product or service.

So book a place on this course now and in less than a day, you or a member of your team can learn how to write top quality copy, wherever you want to use it.

Running regularly in Nottingham and around the East Midlands – or held at your offices if you prefer – the course is limited to just 20 delegates at a time, making sure everyone gets a ‘personal’ service.

The course is led by Rory Baxter who has decades of experience in editing, copywriting, public relations and journalism. And a guest speaker – a much respected editor who really knows his stuff – will provide excellent tips and answer your questions.

With full course notes, incredibly useful aide memoires and a list of ‘golden rules on copywriting’ to take away, this course represents superb value for money. We’ll even feed you as well…!

Contact us now to find out when the next course is running: