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What do people think of The Word Factory?

The Word Factory has produced editorial for countless businesses and organisations, PR agencies, online publications and websites.

Here’s a selection of testimonials from some very satisfied customers

Understood our industry well

We first met Rory when he was Editor of Production Engineer in the ’80s so we knew he understood our industry well and could communicate with the people that matter to us – other magazine editors – in their language.

RIM-CAST Rapid prototyping


Where do we start? Friendly, efficient, affordable, knowledgeable and very keen on punctuation!

Vanputer Systems Portable van sales systems

Excellent copy

We knew The Word Factory had never worked in our area before when we approached them but we also knew about the quality of their work and their ability to produce excellent copy on any subject. We weren’t disappointed.

One of a kind

The Word Factory is most definitely one of a kind – it hasn’t just broken the mould of technical writing and publicity, it’s made a new one. We’ve used them for more than 10 years now and we continue to do so. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a well priced, efficient and reliable service.


A tenacious journalist with an eye for a scoop, Rory is a consummate professional. He has put in the hard yards to make his publication a touchstone for the public sector. Keep up the good work.

Dean Carroll Founding Editor


Rory produced a newsletter for us that was of very good quality and had excellent content and layout. He was very good to work with and was always very pro-active and communicative about requirements and deliverables.

Genuinely professional

Rory Baxter – a genuinely professional journalist who cares about the work he is doing and strives to offer the very best possible outcomes. Cool, calm and with a great sense of humour, he works equally well either to a brief or under his own initiative. A great asset to any organisation.

Phil Edmeades Production Editor at

Always worked hard

Rory worked closely with the user group committee to produce a monthly newsletter. He always worked hard to ensure the newsletter was produced on time and had interesting and well presented content. I would not hesitate to use his company again.

Great journalist

A great journalist with real tenacity and flair. And a lively, informative and thought-provoking blogger.

Alison Thomas Features Editor

An asset to our team

MMS Marketing is a PR consultancy specialising in companies developing technology for the manufacturing and engineering sectors. As such, we have always aimed to produce quality editorial material written by specialists in their technical fields. Rory was an exception in that he does not have an engineering background, but nonetheless produced well-researched and written articles and case studies during the few years that he worked for me. He was an asset to our team.

No hesitation in recommending

Rory worked well with all of the team, building on our ideas and turning them into great PR, then ensuring it is well placed! I would have no hesitation in recommending Rory to anyone wanting to get the story of their company strategically broadcast to the correct ears and eyes.


A really excellent piece

Multi-service agency Managing Director on 1200-word article

Not tied

We like the fact that we can turn The Word Factory’s services on and off when we like and are not tied into any restrictive and costly retainer systems.


Rory Baxter is a highly-skilled online editor whose enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail are second to none. I lost count of the number of times I logged onto the website at the start of the day – only to find that Rory had already written and uploaded half a dozen stories. His writing is as impeccable as his work ethic, and Rory is without doubt one of the most genial, patient and helpful colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His skills and personality will make Rory a valuable asset to any organisation.

Very professional

It was a pleasure working with Rory, his writing spans all areas and is very professional yet easy to read.

Tracy Winter Employment law specialist

We were amazed

We were amazed at how easily what we consider to be a very highly technical subject was quickly turned into readable press releases that got published throughout Europe in all our target publications.

Critchley Components (Electronic components)

Highly professional

Rory is great to work with, highly professional with a great attention to detail.

Rodney Pitt Publishing Division - EWT Ltd

Quality work

For us, people like Rory Baxter are increasingly hard to find – getting on for 30 years’ experience in journalism and PR and yet his services are available when you want them and at a cost that you can afford. We’ve thrown brochures, newsletters, technical articles and web sites at the guy and he’s consistently produced quality work that needs hardly any amending. That’s very rare indeed in the PR business today.

Everything you need from a PR agency

I had the pleasure of working with Rory over a number of years whilst Head of Marketing at Bibby Consulting & Support. Rory is fun to work with, creative, approachable, insightful and very patient too. Everything you need from a PR agency. We enjoyed a great return on investment from our PR spend and we certainly have Rory to thank for that.

Katy Vaughan. Head of Marketing - Bibby Consulting & Support

Editor turned gamekeeper

Rory Baxter is one of those rare creatures in PR – an editor turned gamekeeper. He has a journalistic background, so he understands the aspects of the story that are important in the eyes of journalists and does not waste their time talking up his client. When I receive a story from Rory, I know it will be worth looking at, with the crucial elements the most prominently displayed.

Industrial and scientific online publisher - Pro-Talk Ltd

Beautifully written

Beautifully written

Sales Director on 800-word advertorial - Vodafone Ltd

Thoroughly professional

Rory is a pleasure to work with. Thoroughly professional, resourceful and committed; a self-starter who goes the extra distance to add value to the finished product. Not only an experienced and versatile professional, but a man of integrity and warmth who would be an asset to any communications operation.

David Allaby Founding Editor - Public Servant magazine