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How SMEs can boost their reputation (and their sales)

New from The Word Factory Ltd – words may be cheap but quality is priceless.

We are delighted to announce a brand new service which offers small businesses access to highly respected writers and journalists who can advise on how to avoid the common grammatical and editorial pitfalls that cause companies major problems – not least by turning customers off.

Many SMEs simply can’t afford costly writers, agencies or external training courses to bring their staff up to scratch, so they ask virtually anyone to produce content for their websites, brochures, leaflets and the like.

The inevitable result – quality suffers, reputation suffers and revenue suffers through missed sales. But this new service ensures businesses achieve the best possible standards at rock bottom prices.

And companies don’t even need to move an inch – The Word Factory will visit businesses and present to (and interact with) as many staff as can be squeezed into one room…!

You’ll need to get in touch to find out what the whole programme consists of but (unusually for someone selling a service) we can tell you the cost – just £400 all-in, no added extras.

If you hear of anyone offering the same service but cheaper, let us know and we’ll pop round and egg their offices. Just kidding (probably).