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Don’t let anyone tell you that writing is not important

You can be a start-up business eager to get your message across to potential customers, a huge corporate body that demands consistency, a public sector organisation whose words must be clear and unambiguous – whatever sector you operate in, writing is crucial.

Anybody can write – right? In a fashion, yes, but not everyone can hit the spot when it comes to communicating with a specific market, audience or customer.

Many organisations are full of experts in their field but they look petrified when asked to produce an 800-word article to an editor’s detailed brief within 24 hours. We have worked with some of the smartest people in the country who can certainly write but ask them to distil the key points of their current message into a 250-word press release or some web copy and they are flummoxed.

Your smartphone can take pretty good snaps but would you use it for your wedding day photos just to save money on using a specialist? Hopefully not.

The wording every company uses is vitally important – so don’t leave your writing to the CEO or the graduate who once produced a half decent dissertation.

Check out The Word Factory’s testimonials page where organisations explain why using a professional for their writing was the best decision ever.

How The Word Factory can help

Every type of industry sector needs a different approach, a different message written in the language that customers, suppliers and end-users understand.

Sure, a good writer can produce quality copy on just about any subject but there’s no substitute for experience in a specific field that gives a writer that added edge over the average ‘Googler’.

If you operate in the public sector, the beauty industry or logistics, wouldn’t you want a writer who lived and breathed that very subject?

Of course you would. Which is why The Word Factory is now providing businesses of all sizes – from sole traders to massive blue-chip companies – easy access to some of the most talented industry-specific writers in the UK today.

And the beauty of it all is that as a marketing manager, sales director or MD you only ever have to go through one channel, deal with one account manager and be faced with one set of costs.

So have a scroll through some of the talent we have on board, take your pick and get in touch. We look forward to meeting every editorial need you could ever have.


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Who produces the content?

The writing team

Rory – Editorial Director and Account Manager
Founder of The Word Factory, Rory has been Editor of an award-winning public sector website; Editor of a BBC magazine; Editor of Production Engineer, Numerical Engineering and Computerised Manufacturing; Editorial Director of an international PR and marketing organisation; local government web author; and Assistant Editor of The Master Builder, Medical Laboratory World, Laboratory Practice and the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology.

Rory has also generated copy that has been published around the world for many hundreds of businesses in a huge range of sectors – press releases, technical articles, web sites, features, brochures, newsletters, adverts and much, much more.

Iain – Local and provincial press
Former local newspaper business correspondent and public sector news editor.

David – Central government, local government and the NHS
Ex-national newspaper journalist and founding editor of various magazines. Specialist in the public sector and communications consultant in the NHS.

The Writing Team

Other specialists The Word Factory has on tap

Internet marketing – Alan and Elle do SEO in their sleep and consume Google for breakfast.

Design – Nick has been in the design business for a very long time and worked alongside Rory at the BBC.

Photography – Mark has photographed virtually everything everywhere in every way and produces photos and images with that extra touch of class (see right). He is a truly special photographer.

Corporate videos and DVDs – Steve fills clients with confidence and produces top quality work every time.

Translation – A German Geordie, Hans has many, many years of marketing experience with a solid industry background. Translations in any language to the highest possible standards.

Cartoons – Mike is a humorous cartoonist with a unique vision and iconic style.

Graphics – Rob produces absolutely awesome, original graphics. A talent that is simply stunning.

Paintings and drawings – Brian is a renowned artist who produces top drawer work.

Print – A brilliant professional, Bob can do the job.

Direct mail and fulfilment – Peter specialises in direct mail letters, forms, leaflets, envelopes, cards, membership renewals, financial statements and invoices.

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