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support services since 1992


When you are in business, what you say is crucial

You can be a start-up business eager to get your message across to potential customers, a huge corporate body that demands consistency, a public sector organisation whose words must be clear and unambiguous – whatever sector you operate in, how you communicate with customers is crucial.

Anybody can write – right? In a fashion, yes, but not everyone can hit the spot when it comes to targeting a specific market or audience.

Businesses and organisations are full of experts in their field but they struggle when tasked with writing an 800-word article to an editor’s detailed brief within four hours. The Word Factory has worked with some of the smartest people in the world who can certainly write but ask them to distil their knowledge into a 250-word press release or some web copy and they will tell you that it’s a major challenge.

Smartphones can take very high quality images but would you use one for your wedding day photos to save money on a specialist photographer? The same applies to the wording your company produces – so don’t be surprised if your customers are not won over by the writing quality of your CEO or the new graduate who’s only ever written a dissertation.

Check out The Word Factory’s testimonials page where organisations explain why using a professional for their writing was the best decision they ever made.

How The Word Factory can help

There’s a lot to be said for young, eager and internet-savvy copywriters but experience is a priceless commodity.

Any ‘Googler’ can knock off a 50-word paraphrase of a Wikipedia entry but when your writer, who’s been told to write a piece on freedom, asks you “Who’s Nelson Mandela?” that should ring alarm bells.

If it’s depth that you’re after, and you value a service that combines this with quality and rapid turnaround, The Word Factory is the obvious choice.

How many budding writers have vast experience in the manufacturing sector, in the public sector, in the beauty industry, in building and construction, in the medical and laboratory sector? And how many can combine this with many years of managing companies’ PR and marketing strategies? 

Unique is an overused word but we can safely say that not many organisations are capable of offering The Word Factory’s mix of technical writing and PR support services. There are technical experts who struggle to write, there are excellent writers who struggle with technical subjects, there are electronics PR specialists who wouldn’t know where to begin when publicising floorcoverings or special needs equipment. 

In short, The Word Factory can do it all. And the beauty of that is you only ever have to go through one channel for your technical writing requirements, whatever sector you are in. So get in touch


Who produces the content?

The writing team

Rory – Editorial Director and Account Manager
Founder of The Word Factory, Rory has been Editor of an award-winning public sector website; Editor of a BBC magazine; Editor of Production Engineer, Numerical Engineering and Computerised Manufacturing; Editorial Director of an international PR and marketing organisation; local government web author; and Assistant Editor of The Master Builder, Medical Laboratory World, Laboratory Practice and the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology.

Rory specialises in technical writing – press releases, case studies, articles, websites, features, brochures, newsletters, advertorials and much, much more – that has been published around the world for many hundreds of businesses in a huge range of sectors. 

David – Central government, local government and the NHS
Ex-national newspaper journalist and founding editor of various magazines, David is a specialist in the public sector and a highly-regarded communications consultant in the NHS. There aren’t many around like this fella.

Iain – Local and provincial press
Former local newspaper business correspondent and public sector news editor, Iain has a brilliant mind and his insight is second to none.


Other specialists The Word Factory has on tap

Internet marketing – Alan and Elle do SEO in their sleep and consume Google for breakfast. They are so good that we trust them with our own internet marketing and there’s no better recommendation than that. Based in Spain, they also offer a wider, more global view.

Design – Nick has been in the design business for a very long time and worked alongside Rory at the BBC, producing some fantastic quality work. His eye is like no other.

Photography – Mark has photographed virtually everything everywhere (literally around the world) in every way and produces photos and images with that extra touch of class. He is a truly special photographer. Alan is our other photographer who takes a totally different approach but the results are equally stunning.

Corporate videos and DVDs – Steve fills clients with confidence and produces top quality work every time. He can turn a basic brief into something really quite special.

Translation – A German Geordie, Hans has many years of marketing experience with a solid industry background. His team produces technical writing translations in any language to the highest standards.

Cartoons – Mike is a humorous cartoonist with a unique vision and iconic style.

Graphics – Rob produces absolutely awesome, original graphics. A talent that is simply stunning.

Paintings and drawings – Brian is a renowned and popular artist.

Print – A brilliant professional, Bob can most certainly do the job. And if he’s having a day off, the team behind him won’t let you down. 

Direct mail and fulfilment – Peter specialises in direct mail letters, forms, leaflets, envelopes, cards, membership renewals, financial statements and invoices. There’s still room in this digital world for effective paper-based direct mail campaigns.

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